Ljubimetz Energy

Lubimetz Energy is a complete food for adult dogs with a high level of activity. These dogs (hunting, police, rescue, guard, racing, etc.) need specialized food tailored to their needs. Lubimetz Energy promotes the building of healthy muscles, thanks to the high content of animal protein. It contains important and valuable fats and a reduced amount of vegetable fiber. Combination of pork fat and salmon oil provides highly digestible energy for growth. As well as everything you need for smooth skin, shiny coat and strong muscles for your pet. Food has excellent digestibility and absorption.

Composition: Dehydrated beef, porcine and chicken meat 40%, rice, corn, bovine and porcine fat, boneless porcine meat and beef liver /min 5%/, peas, potato flour, brewery yeast, sugar beet pulp, salmon oil, sunflower oil, porcine liver broth, dried apple, mix of herbs, vitamin-mineral premix, glucosamine 0,01%, chondroitin 0,005%, preservative, natural antioxidant, salt /sodium chloride/.

Average Analysis: Crude protein 28%, crude fat 14%, crude fiber 1.95%, crude ash 7%.


10 kg.