About Us

“Furajny Hrany” Ltd. is a leading producer of extruded pet food in the super premium, premium and basic market segments.

All started in 1993 and since then the company creates, develops and applies the industry newelties. The pet foods are produced оn three production lines and a modern pack-house with several packaging lines. “Furajny Hrany” Ltd. is applying modern and effective quality control systems, as well as following the standards and is certified with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 22000 at all stages of the production, storage and distribution of the products. The high-quality own brands “Premium Dog Food”, “Ljubimetz”, “Hit”, “Kiara”, “Chocky” and “Animania” are the main part of the menu of your pet.

The sustainable vision of “Furajny Hrany” for loyalty and integrity towards customers, officers and suppliers enables the company to ace the production, storage and distribution of pet food.

New partners and stakeholders constantly join the team of “Furajny Hrany” and this made us initiate and implement a project for a new and larger third production line, which is already a fact.
Such results, the fruit of our ambitions for continuous upgrading and growth, position the company as an undisputable long-term leader in pet food production in the region.

Quality Assurance and Safety Policy

The success of our company depends on our ability to produce high-quality and safe products, to invest in the people responsible to develop our quality and to satisfy our customers.

The mission of our company is:

  • Our high-quality products to match the customers’ expectations .

  • To improve constantly the production technology and equipment.

  • To communicate clearly and fairly all the quality aspects with customers and suppliers and to maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with all stakeholders.

  • To constantly invest and boost our officers’ qualifications and corporate culture.

We fulfill our promise to the customers for high-quality and safe pet food through:

  • Profound and systematic analysis, management and control over all potential hazards.

  • Securing all sanitary pre-recquisites and preventive quality control measures.

  • Applying strictly all of the applicable legal and regulation requirements along with the highest quality standards relevant to our industry.

The implementation, maintenance and development in the company of an effective integrated system for monitoring over the quality and safety, as per ISO 9001 and the requirements of ISO 22000 is a main driver to achieve:

  • Guaranteed production of safe pet foods.

  • High customers’ loyalty and trust and broadened market presence.

  • Constant improvement in all aspects of our activities.

All company employees are responsible to keep all of the sanitary requirements and standards in the production process described in the integrated system for monitoring over the quality and safety.

You and your pet feel safe with our pet food!

Production and Storage Facilities

The production lines for extruded foods are now three, after the put into operation of a third high-tech line with a capacity of 7 tons/hq, specialized in fresh meat production. So, the total capacity of our production facilities is already 13 tons/hq.
Company’s storage facilities for raw materials and finished products are with a total capacity of 3000 tons.

Quality control and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Furajny Hrany Ltd has developed a program for Quality Control System for achieving high quality products which covers:

  • buying high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers.
  • strict control and optimum technology conditions.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analisses of critical Control Points).
  • technical and production service.
  • laboratory quality analisses of the raw materials, intermedium products and  end products. The company has modern laboratory for effective quality 
  • research and development activity.
  • registration and traceability system from suppliers for the raw materials.

The Factory’s GMP is based on the latest scientific achievements in the field of nutrition, technology and hygienic requirements for pet food production.

          Following the above principles, ensures that the quality of the produced pet food is with high safety level.

Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 22000

The integrated system for Quality Control and Management of the products had been officially introduced in 2018 and certified by SGS.
Quality Control Department applies and sustains the main requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 in all stages of production, storage and product distribution.