Ljubimetz Chicken and bacon

Ljubimetz Chicken and bacon is a complete food for adult dogs with normal physical activity. The high digestibility of chicken meat and the optimal energy levels that the food provides are ideal for proper nutrition without gaining excess weight.

Composition: Dehydrated chicken and pork meat 34%, rice, corn, chicken fat, boneless chicken meat and liver /min 5%/, peas, sugar beet pulp, brewery yeast, salmon oil, liver broth, dried apple, vitamin-mineral premix, glucosamine 0,01%, chondroitin 0,005%, preservative, natural antioxidant, salt /sodium chloride/.

Average Analysis: Crude protein: 24%, Crude fat: 14%, Crude fiber: 2,8%, Crude аsh: 7,7%.


0.5 kg.
3 kg.
10 kg.