”Furajny Hrany” Ltd. with a new product line of dog food

Furajny Hrany

“Furajny Hrany” Ltd. is proud to present to the market the new product line of Мonoprotein dog foods. The foods are developed on the basis of special hypoallergenic formula, with a single source of animal protein. The exceptional nutrition of the foods is achieved through the specially selected high quality ingredients that ensure high digestibility […]

Furajny Hrany Ltd. is recognized internationally as well

Furajny Hrany

In a post on his personal profile, in the social network ”Linkedin”, Mr. Willy Bijen – Mondial Sales Manager at ”KARA Energy Systems” shares: ”What does the full circle of circular production look like? There are many different circles, but our relation ”Furajny Hrany” from Bulgaria has a very valuable and an almost perfect circular […]

Ljubimetz MINI


Look for the new product Ljubimetz Mini on the market at the beginning of November. Specially developed for small breed dogs with analytical analysis – Crude protein 28% and Crude fats 14%.

Hit – neutered cats

Furajny Hrany

A new Cat food for neutered cats (Hit) has been developed and released on the market. The main analytical analysis: Crude protein 30%, Crude fats 10% and Crude fibres 2,7%. Positive reviews have been received in a period of six months.

Recertification under ISO 9001 and ISO 22000

Furajny Hrany

From 5th to 6th April 2012, recertification audit had been conducted by SGS. No discrepancies were found in both standards. Certificates – CH09/1047 (11 May, 2012) and CH09/0998 (11 May 2012) had been issued, and are valid until 10 May 2015.

New package design Hit MINI 3 kg.

Furajny Hrany

New package – New design – Improved Quality. Look for the new package of the dog food Hit Mini (3kg.) on the market. A new packaging material had been used for the production of Hit Mini 3kg. The package consists of a three-layer structure with an intermediate metallized film, which protects the food quality for […]