Фуражни храни ООД – призната и в международeн план

В свой пост в личния си профил, в социалната мрежа ”LinkedIn”, Г-н Willy Bijen – мениджър Международни продажби за ”КARA Energy Systems” споделя:
”What does the full circle of circular production look like?
There are many different circles, but our relation ”Furajny Hrany” from Bulgaria has a very valuable and an almost perfect circular production.
Everything planted, grown, harvested and produced within their own organization.
FH is a manufacturer of pet food. Better: FH is the greenest pet food manufacturer. The basic ingredients are harvested on their own farmlands. After the harvest of the different ingredients straw remains. This straw is sold as much as possible, but every year there was a huge amount of straw left over.
In an intensive collaboration between ”Furajny Hrany” and ”KARA Energy Systems”, we came up with a system in which the remaining straw became the replacement fuel for gas.
The KARA combustion plant supplies 3.5 tons of steam with a pressure of 8 bar all year round, 8000 hours. After the start-up of the 1st installation in 2017, the gas consumption of the factory has been reduced to 0.
This means that FH saves annually 1,900,000 m3 gas. The 2nd installation will be commissioned later this year and the total gas savings will increase to 4,600,000 m3.
”Furajny Hrany” is one of the most “green” pet food manufacturers in the world. An example for many companies and entrepreneurs who are unsure about whether or not to switch to biomass.
From the land to the ready-made product, they use their own agricultural land and their own fuel all within almost walking distance (if the fields weren’t that big).
Almost the perfect circle but it hardly gets any greener and more beautiful!”